The 7th Annual Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship is in the books.  Talk about what a difference a year can make.  The staff had the most perfect weather to shoot this year and unfortunately that cold front reared its ugly head on Sunday and the competitors had to endure near freezing temperatures and some drizzling rain.  Everybody persevered and completed the match.

We want to thank our staff who made this match possible without them none of the fun would have been possible.  Big thanks to Mike “Maytag” McKinney for the awesome course design and for that great surprise stage.  Thanks to Hal 9000 who handled all the logistics for the match. Thanks to Nightmare for designing the Pirates v Little Rocket Man logo and the t-shirt design. Big thanks to Rod Henderson for keeping all the moving props working.

We want to thank all the competitors who chose to shoot our match.  Congratulation to all our class winners.  For the fourth year in a row the Marksmanship Unit from Texas A & M Corps of Cadets took home most accurate honors, congratulations to Savannah Butters for her back to back Most Accurate Female award.


Overall - JK Rowzee
Senior - Charles Thomason
Junior - Holden Perez
Lady - Savannah Butters
Most Accurate Male - Matt “Eddie Munster” Morrow
Most Accurate Female - Savannah Butters

Thank you to all our sponsors who contributed to the prize table

Gold - Dreadnaught Industries LLC
Silver - MasTec
Stage - Bravo Concealment
Prize Table - Cabela’s and Midway USA
Water - James McKinny

We are looking forward to Pirates 2019, which should be held around the 2nd weekend in February.  We have already started dreaming up the stages for next year. Look for another surprise stage designed by the evil genius Maytag.


2018 Pirate's Match Video