The Pirates of Texas Carbine Championship Six is in the books.  We want to thank our staff who made this match possible without them none of the fun would have been possible.  Thanks to Hal 9000 who handled all the logistics for the match. Thanks to Nightmare for designing the Pirates v Killer Clown logo and the t-shirt design.

We want to thank all the competitors who chose to shoot our match.  Congratulation to all our class winners.  A special thanks to the Marksmanship Unit from Texas A & M Corps of Cadets who have made our match an annual stop on their competition schedule.  These young people exemplify that fine institution reputation for Duty, Honor, and Country.  This year the most accurate male and female shooters are members of the A & M Team.  Congratulations to John B. and Samantha B.

We want to thank all our sponsors who contributed to the prize table:

Gold - Dreadnaught Industries LLC

Silver - MasTec, ELF Tactical, and Bravo Concealment

Stage - XS Sights

Prize Table - Redbeard Gunworks, Ready Reserves, Texas State Rifle Association, McFadden Industries, Midway USA, and Gulf Coast Graphics

We are looking forward to Pirates 2018, which should be held around the 2nd weekend in February.  We have already started dreaming up the stages for next year. Though it is going to be hard to top that surprise stage designed by the evil genius Maytag.

As a special note:

On Saturday, November 11th, 2017, we will be holding the 1st Annual Pirates of Texas Veterans Steel Throwdown.  Watch our Pirates and Texas Carbine website as well as our Facebook page for details that will be coming soon.  This will be an 7-8 stage steel match that will be ran just like our Pirates Carbine Championship.

A number of people have posted videos on YouTube, (just search on "Texas Carbine,") and Nightmare put this video together from his drone.

Pirates 2017 Carbine Championship

The TC Gang.