1. What guns can be used?
  2. Will steel core ammo be allowed?
  3. Can I shoot on the same squad with my friends?
  4. What type targets will be used?
  5. What scoring method will be used?
  6. Do shoot-throughs count?
  7. What is the maximum magazine capacity?
  8. What are the rifle divisions?
  9. Are noise suppressors allowed?
  10. Will Walk-Ins be accepted?
  11. I'm having problems with the photo gallery displaying properly.

WHAT GUNS CAN BE USED - Some folks have asked what they can use in our carbine matches so here is a general outline and answers to some frequently asked questions.

For the purpose of our discussion we assume that all items are legal for you to own and you have any/all necessary paperwork.

A carbine for our discussion is any center fire shoulder weapon not larger than 30.06 Springfield in rifle caliber or smaller than 22LR in pistol caliber. Most shooters will find a semi auto/auto rifle with a removable box magazine works best but, we will allow you to shoot whatever you have so long as it is safe to operate, (no muzzle loaders please). If we get enough interest we will consider expanding the classes to separate manually operated rifles and M1 Garands.

Legally registered short barreled rifles and full auto are allowed but must be fired in semi-auto mode only.

AMMUNITION: On any stage that has steel targets we will check your ammo with a magnet. If the magnet sticks you will not be allowed to shoot the ammo on that stage. You may shoot any ammo you like on the all paper stages. AR500 steel is expensive and we don't want to take a chance on damaging our steel targets.

SQUADDING - The application has three blank fields for you to enter up to three names that you would like to be able to shoot with. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all requests but we will do our very best.

TARGETS - We have a tradition at TC for painting both threat and non-threat targets with symbols in an effort to make shooters have to think just a little rather than simply blazing away at any target that is white or has paint on it as is the case with other disciplines.


We use both Vickers and "TC Scoring" (which is a modified form of Vickers,) at our matches, (see below.) Vickers is raw time plus points down plus penalties, (1 point down = 0.5 seconds). TC Scoring adds additional penalties to standard Vickers. The following penalties and times will be used:

3 sec
Non-Threat Hit
5 sec
Paper / Steel / Clay Not Hit (< 40 yds)
5 sec
Paper / Steel / Not Hit (> 40yds)   7.5 sec
Paper / Steel / Not Hit (> 100yds)   10 sec
Paper / Steel / Clay Not Engaged (< 40 yds)   7.5 sec
Paper / Steel / Not Engaged (> 40yds)   10 sec
Paper / Steel / Not Engaged (> 40yds)   12.5 sec
Paper / Steel / Not Engaged (> 100yds)   15 sec
Failure To Do Right (FTDR)
20 sec










For all Divisions other than "Real Rifle", two hits on paper are required. For Real Rifle, only one hit is required (points down will be scored for all but 0 down zones,) and for all Divisions, steel must fall either fall to score or "ring" for stationary steel. Iin the case of rimfire guns, a "hit" may have to be called but only by the SO.

TC Scoring

Texas Carbine has always been of the opinion that you should never quit. Something that has occasionally caused us concern is a stage where a shooter could shoot the minimum number of rounds in a very quick time, not hit a target, take the penalties, and win the stage.

To that end we will use what we call, "TC Scoring." Targets not hit or not engaged beyond 40 yards receive a higher penalty, 10 seconds for paper or steel not engaged and 7.5 seconds for paper or steel not hit. For targets greater than 100 yds, those two penalties are 15 and 10 seconds respectively. Also, if a shooter has a gun malfunction, the clock will still be running up to the max time and it behooves the shooter to do his/her best to solve the malfunction and try to finish the stage before reaching the max time.

SHOOT THROUGHS: Shoot-throughs count for both threat and non-threat targets. So, a hit through a threat target into a non-threat target results in a penalty and, a hit through a non-threat into a threat target yields a penalty as well BUT the hit on the threat target is scored, it's not a miss.

MAGAZINE CAPACITY: Magazine capacity cannot exceed the number specified in the table below.

DIVISION   Maximum Capacity
Limited, Tactical, Todd AK, Rimfire Limited, Rimfire Tactical   30 rounds
Real Rifle   20 rounds
Open, and Rimfire Open   Unlimited



LIMITED   Iron sights or one non-magnifying optic
TACTICAL   One magnified optic
OPEN   Any combination of optics
REAL RIFLE   7.62x51 caliber or larger with iron sights or one non-magnified optic.
"TODD AK"   AK or SKS rifles with iron sights or one non-magnifying optic
RIMFIRE LIMITED   Iron sights or one non-magnified optic
RIMFIRE TACTICAL   One magnified optic
RIMFIRE OPEN   Any combination of Optics


NOISE SUPPRESSION - No suppressors are allowed because Safety Officers would have to hold the shot timer too close to the muzzle for them to function properly.

WALK-INS - Yes, walk-in match customers will be accepted IF, the match is not full on match day. We also cannot guarantee that you will receive a match booklet or lunch.

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