The match will be limited to 140 shooters. The staff will shoot on Saturday, Feb 20th and we are making approximately 25 slots available on Saturday for anyone who would prefer to shoot with the staff that day rather than Sunday. Match day will be limited to 90 shooters so that we can be sure of finishing at a decent hour on Sunday.

We have made some slight changes to our match this year in order to make it run more smoothly and, to help avoid any confusion for our shooters.

PRACTISCORE - Like many clubs, Texas Carbine has moved into the world of PractiScore and we will be using tablets for scoring this year. That means there will not be a copy of the paper scoresheet for you to keep track of your scores. So, if you want to have a backup, ask the Scorekeeper after each stage what your time/penalties were.

NO Rimfire Open Division - We have eliminated this Division as we had very few last year. The "Open" Division will be for all Open guns.

ONE GUN PER SHOOTER - This change was made to help us do a better job of keeping track of the number of shooters signing up, to allow us to use even numbers of shooters in each squad, and to hopefully make the match run more smoothly. We realize this will be a disappointment to some of our shooters who have previously enjoyed entering more than one gun. But, we hope it won't stop anyone from joining us on match day and we do think it will make the match run more smoothly for both our shooters and staff.

"TC Scoring" - Texas Carbine has always been of the opinion that you should never quit. Something that has occasionally caused us concern is a stage where a shooter could shoot the minimum number of rounds in a very quick time, not hit a target, take the penalties, and win the stage.

To that end we will use what we call, "TC Scoring." Targets not hit or not engaged beyond 40 yards receive a higher penalty, 10 seconds for paper or steel not engaged and 7.5 seconds for paper or steel not hit. For targets greater than 100 yds, those two penalties are 15 and 10 seconds respectively. Also, if a shooter has a gun malfunction, the clock will still be running up to the max time and it behooves the shooter to do his/her best to solve the malfunction and try to finish the stage before reaching the max time.